Our Vision Statement,

Mission Statement and Values

Vision Statement

Exerceo‘s vision is to be a leading business college in Singapore and to nurture a new generation of qualified competent business professionals for the globalised world.

Mission Statement

Exerceo's mission is to provide quality  education which meet students ' expectations, supported by operationally efficient management, to enable Exerceo to be a leading education institution.


  • Seize global opportunities

  • Honour social responsibility

  • Advocate creative thinking

  • Reinforce education quality

  • Embrace lifelong learning

Our courses are popular with learners, employers, and many institutions. As a serious education college, we have a responsibility to ensure the quality of our courses and to maintain high standards of education. We have developed a wide range of courses in the following clisciplines:

  • English Language

  • Business Management

  • Financial Management

  • Construction Management

  • Hospitality Management

  • Preparatory

CPE  Registration Number: 200918181G 
Valid: 31-8-2017 to 30-8-2021


EduTrust Certificate Number: EDU-3-3149

Validity:  26-02-2021 to 25-02-2022



47 Beach Rd, Kheng Chiu Building, #04-00,

Singapore 189683

Student Support Services/General Enquiries:
admin@ebs-edu.com /

Tel:6221 0603

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 10am to 10pm
Closed on Saturday and Public Holiday

Contact us:

MS Sunny              (尚老师)                94564243

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Mr Dean                (张老师)                 85027360

MS Ivy He             (何老师)                 91898708

MS Tian Hui         (田老师)                 91540003

MS Carina Wang (王老师)                  82611452