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Course Transfer Procedure



1.1 The Transfer Process applies to all staff handling transfer requests submitted by students


1.2 The objective is to detail the steps in handling transfer requests effectively and efficiently to ensure that:

       a.The policy and procedure include:

  • Maximum processing time of not more than 4 weeks

  • Conditions for which a transfer or deferment application is granted

  • Informing Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) of any change to status of the Student’s Pass

  • Signing a new contract or issuing an addendum to the existing contract when a course transfer request has been approved

  • Obtaining the parent’s/legal guardian’s written consent if students are under 18 years of age.


        b. Transfer Policy and Transfer procedure are communicated to all students (including prospective students)

        c. The transfer records are maintained up-to-date

        d. Review the Transfer Process at least once a year for continual improvement.




2.1 The Manager, Student Support Services is the process owner and shall ensure the process achieve the objectives           mentioned under Clause 1.2. In the absence of the Manager, Student Support Services, the Principal, Operations         shall act as the process owner.



3.1 The College shall establish the Refund Policy and Refund Procedure


3.2 The Refund Policy and Refund Procedure are communicated to prospective students and existing students through appropriate channels provided by the College.


3.3 The Manager, Student Support Services shall ensure that all staff handling transfer requests submitted by           students are competent and follow the structured process. 


3.4 Staff handling the transfer requests submitted by student shall ensure that:


  • Students meet the minimum entry requirements of the new course;

  • Students understand the implication to their existing Student’s Pass, if applicable;

  • Transfer request approved by the management;

  • Inform the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) of any change to status of the Student’s Pass (STP), if applicable; 

  • The students sign a new contract or issuing an addendum to the existing contract when a course transfer has been approved; and

  • Parent’s/legal guardian’s written consent is obtained for student under 18 years of age


3.5 Any computed refund amount (including breakdown) that is qualified under the Refund Policy must be approved          by management. Approved amount must be refunded to student within 7 working days.


3.6 Maintain up-to-date and accurate transfer records (Transfer File and Student P-files)


3.7 Review the Refund Process at least once a year for continual improvement.



4.1 Definition

“Transfer” means a student changes the course of study but remains as a student of Exerceo. For an approved transfer request, the original student contract shall be terminated and a new contract shall be signed.

4.2    Transfer Policy

4.2.1 Exerceo establishes a Course Transfer Policy which is documented under Criterion 4.4.1a Course Transfer                   Policy.


4.3    Transfer Procedure

4.3.1  When the student gives written notice of his intention to transfer course using FRM-023 Transfer Request                    Form, Admin Officer gives the completed request form to the Education Consultant.


4.3.2 The Sales Consultants shall: 

  • Conduct Pre-course Counselling to student on the new course

  • Check that the student satisfies the Entry Requirements/Pre-requisite of the requested course.

  • Discuss with the student his reasons for wanting to transfer, and explain the implications for his student pass, etc.  Exerceo shall not if the application for new student’s pass is rejected by the Singapore ICA. 

  • Inform the student that a new application and registration fee is payable upon submission of the form and that the fee is non-refundable.

  • Inform the student on the course fees for the new course.


4.3.3 The Sales Consultant completes and the submit the ‘Transfer Request Form’ to the Manager, Student Support              Services for processing.

4.3.4 The Manager, Student Support Services attends to or oversees the various transfer matters including:

          a. Issuing a letter to the student replying to the transfer request;

          b. Signing of the new contract;

          c. Cancelling the existing student pass and applying for a new pass, if applicable;

          d. Calculating the un-used fees for course X to be discounted from the course fees for course Y;

          e. Refunding fees of course X if applicable;

          f. Informing the FPS provider within 3 working days


4.4 Exerceo shall complete the transfer process within 4 weeks for locally developed courses and within 8 weeks for        courses collaborated with external partner from the date the transfer request is receipt.


4.5 The transfer procedure is displayed in Exerceo’s website and student handbook.


4.6 The Manager, Student Support Services informs the FPS service providers, ICA and other relevant government           agencies within 3 working days for all transfer cases.


4.7 The Student Support Service staff files the transfer records in the Transfer File.  

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