Course Deferment


1.1 The Deferment Process applies to all staff handling deferment requests submitted by students

1.2  The objective is to detail the steps in handling deferment requests effectively and efficiently to ensure that:


       a. The policy and procedure include:

  • Maximum processing time of not more than 4 weeks

  • Conditions for which a deferment application is granted

  • Informing Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) of any

  • change to status of the Student’s Pass

  • iv Signing a new contract or issuing an addendum to the existing contract when a course deferment request has been approved

b.Obtaining the parent’s/legal guardian’s written consent if students are under 18 years of age.

c.Deferment Policy and Deferment procedure are communicated to all students (including prospective students)

d.The deferment records are maintained up-to-date

e.Review the Deferment Process at least once a year for continual improvement.


2.1 The Manager, Student Support Services is the process owner and shall ensure that the process achieve the above           objectives (Clause 1.2). In the absence of the Manager, Student Support Services, the Principal, Operations shall         act as the process owner.


3.1 The Manager, Student Support Services (Manager SSS) shall ensure that all staff are competent and follow the             structured process in handling deferment requests by students.

3.2  The College shall establish the Deferment Policy and Deferment Procedure.

3.3  The Deferment Policy and Procedure are communicated to prospective students and existing students through              appropriate channels provided by the College.

3.4   Staff handling the deferment requests shall be competent and ensure that:

 a. Students understand the implication to the status of Student’s Pass:

  • For those who are yet to be admitted, the application or In-Principal-Approval shall be cancelled

  • For those holding a valid Student’s Pass, depending on the validity period of the Student’s Pass and the length of deferment, the existing Student’s Pass may be cancelled and a new application will need to be submitted.

b.Students understand the need to sign a new contract and/or an addendum to the existing contract

c.Inform the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) of any change to status of the Student’s Pass (STP), if applicable

d.Parent’s/legal guardian’s written consent is obtained for student under 18 years of age


3.5 Maintain up-to-date and accurate transfer records (Deferment File and Student P-files)


3.6 Review the Deferment Policy and Deferment Procedure at least once a year for continual improvement.



Deferment Policy and Procedure

4.1 Definition

4.1.1 ’Course deferment’ means to differ the start date for commencing study in a course

4.1.2 ‘Module Deferment’ means to differ the remaining module(s) of a course the student is currently studying to                 resume at a later date.

4.2 Deferment Policy

4.2.1 Exerceo establishes a Course Deferment Policy which is documented under Criterion 4.4.1c Course Deferment           Policy.

4.3 Deferment Procedure

4.3.1 The students were briefed on the Deferment Policy and Procedure through:

  • Pre-course Counselling by Course Counsellors (Sales Consultants or appointed Recruitment Agent)

  • New student orientation by Student Support Service staff

The Deferment Policy and Deferment Procedure can also be found in the following communication channels:

a.   Student Handbook

b.   Exerceo website

4.3.2  The Student Support Service staff explains the following possible impact to the student in an event                               the deferment request is granted:

a. The implication on the status of the Student’s Pass;

b. The need to sign a new Student Contract or an addendum to the existing Student Contact

4.3.3 Student submits deferment request by completing the FRM-024 Deferment for Course/Module                                      stating the reason for requesting the deferment. The maximum duration for deferment is 12 months                              subject to management approval.

  Deferment of Course refer to differing the commence date of a course to a later intake date.

  Deferment of module(s) refer to defer a module or the remaining yet to complete modules of the          course      he/she is studying to a later date.

  Parent / Legal guardian’s written consent is required if the student is under 18 years old.

4.3.4 Submit to Student Support Services(SSS) for processing.

4.3.5 The Student Support Service(SSS) Staff, upon receiving the deferment request, brief the student on the                         following:

A. For Deferment of Course

a. Implication on the status of the Student’s Pass, if applicable

b. Need to sign a new Student Contract or an Addendum to Existing Student Contract

c. SSS staff obtain approval from Principal

d. Issue a new ‘Letter of Offer’ to student to process the deferment of course with new course intake date.

e.Inform the respective Course consultant of the student’s deferment of course

f.File a copy of the new ‘Letter of Offer’ in the Student Portfolio file

 B. For Deferment of Module

a.Student submit the ‘Request for Deferment for Course/Module FRM 024 with supporting documentation to Student Support Service Department

b. The SSS staff shall brief the student on the following:

i. Implication on the status of the Student’s Pass

ii. Need to sign a new Student Contract or an Addendum to Existing Student Contract

c. The SSS staff shall obtain approval from Director, Academic in order to process the request and                     thereafter, inform the student accordingly

d. The SSS staff shall follow the below procedures:

i. Student Selection Process (Criterion 5.3.2) for actions pertaining to application/renewal of Student’s Pass

ii. Student Contract Process (Criterion 4.2.1) for actions pertaining to Student contract

e. File a copy of the approved request in the Student Portfolio file


4.3.7 The SSS staff shall inform the requester on the results of the request.


4.3.8 The SSS staff shall complete the processing of deferment request within 4 weeks from the date of submission of the request by student.

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