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Advanced Diploma in Business Administration and Skills(Mandarin)


The business industry continuously faces varied and dynamic challenges and opportunities.  The Advanced Diploma in Business Administrate and Skills integrates modern business management skills and knowledge essential to efficiently manage a business or in business development.

The course self-developed by Exerceo Business International College will help students develop managerial skills in confronting economic uncertainties, correlating rising costs of managing business and technological advancement, as well as preserving values in a highly competitive environment.  This diploma is more advanced to the period Diploma in Business Administrate and Skills, with more deep and complex modules added. Upon complete this module, students can expect to gain further knowledge and cutting-edge skill in business-related filed. The diploma is suitable for those who aspire to develop a successful business or venture in the arena of business development.  It is also appropriate for industry personnel who wish to reinforce their knowledge and attain a professional qualification as a booster for their career advancement.

Programme duration

  • Session contact hours: 6 hours, weekly

  • Total classroom contact hours / module: 30 hours

  • Total modules for the programme: 8

  • Duration for programme completion: 180 hours

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