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Course Aims & Objectives

Instead of providing broad based knowledge on the industry, this course is designed to provide business know-how for managers and aspiring business owners.  The aims are to:

  • Provide holistic learning in management of businesses such that graduates are able to integrate management skills for different business functions effectively.

  • Adopt a structured and practical approach to develop expertise in managing business.

  • Develop a competent pool of people who understand the functional management of a enterprise.

  • Raise the standards of businesses in providing products and services through effective business management.


The objectives of this course are to impart students with the knowledge on:

  • the global scope, development and challenges of the business industry.

  • the key business operations and processes within the industry.

  • the business as well as management technical know-how and soft skills to operate a business effectively.

  • The analysis of global and national situations influencing the business scene and how business plan should be adjusted to cope with the current industry condition.

Develop key skills

  • Knowledge and understanding

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Ability to work

  • Communication and presentation skills

  • Interact and organize skills

  • Comprehensive ability and creativity

  • Ability to manage tasks and solve problems

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