Course outline


Business Success

Language, reading, listening and speaking

Case study, oral and written skills

Vocabulary: Collocations, prefixes & suffix

Grammar: Review of present and past tenses

Listening: President of a computer development company

Reading: Profile of Mark Jacob (a very successful fashion designer /entrepreneur and one of the American richest man)

Speaking: Discussion of what constitutes success and failure in business

Vocabulary: Business Success

Case study: Sport Club – obtaining a new sponsorship deal

Skills: Negotiating, Writing a press release with a letter



Language, reading, listening and speaking.

Case study, oral and written skills

Vocabulary: Word partnerships

Grammar: Compound nouns

Listening: A professor of Marketing, a Chief Executive of a marketing or training organization

Reading: Branding and luxury goods

Speaking: Discussion of marketing strategies and branding

Vocabulary: Marketing terminology

Case study: Cosmetics company – creating a global brand or local national brand eg Malaysia Proton Cars

Skills: Brainstorming, creating a television commercial, writing meeting minutes


Human Resource - Management Styles

Language, reading, listening and speaking

Management Styles – a few types – Autocratic, Democratic and Autonomy/ laisser-faire

Case study, oral and written skills


Vocabulary: Management qualities

Grammar: Text references

Listening: The author of Management and Organizational Behaviour

Reading: Management styles: CEO Apple Steve Job, Alibaba Jack Ma, Virgin Group CEO- Josh Bayliss / Richard Branson.

Speaking: Discussion of the traits of a good manager, management styles


Vocabulary: Management styles

Case study: Multinational company seeks a manager for an international project team

Skills: Presentations and selecting candidates

Writing a report of recommendations for the Board of Directors


Building Relationships

Language, reading, listening and speaking

Case study, oral and written skills

Vocabulary: Describing relations

Grammar: Multi-word verbs

Listening: A Business Relations

Manager, a Head of Global Corporate Responsibility

Reading: Global Networking and Business in China, Cambodia or Vietnam

Speaking: Discussion of companies that have good relationships with their customers, Global networking (Doing business internationally, listening, reading and speaking about working across cultures)


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Language, reading, listening and speaking

Vocabulary: Describing mergers and acquisitions

Grammar: Prediction and probability

Listening: Director of Mergers and Acquisitions Research Centre, Thames Oxford

Business School

Reading: Acquiring a green business

Speaking: Discussion of the effects of mergers and acquisitions

(International negotiations – vocabulary, listening and speaking)


Case study, oral and written skills


Case study: Cosmetics group looking to acquire new businesses

Skills: Making a presentation to a group of investors, discussing possible acquisitions,

Writing a report of recommendations


Building Relationships

Case study, oral and written skills

Vocabulary: Business Relationships

Case study: Hotel and spa group building customer loyalty

Skills: Networking, Creating and agenda and an action plan, Writing a sales letter.


Job Satisfaction

Language, reading, listening, speaking

Case study, oral and written skills


Vocabulary: Synonyms, word forms

Grammar: Passives

Listening: Motivation, A HR Director at MacDonald

Reading: Working at Holiday Inn Hotels and working at a coffee shop or noodle store

Speaking: Discussion of motivation and burn-out, satisfaction and frustration, comparison: which is a better company to work for.


Vocabulary: Job satisfaction

Case study: Technology company policies on staff relationships

Skills: Cold calling, proposing guidelines and discussing inter-personal relationships in the workplace, Writing guidelines


Customer Service

Language, reading, listening and speaking


Case study, oral and written skills

Vocabulary: Complaints Grammar:

Listening skill: Director and GM of Vienna Seafood Restaurant

Reading: Changes in Customer Service

Speaking: Discussion of customer care

Vocabulary: Customer Service

Case study: Budget airline dealing with complaints

Skills: Active listening, prioritizing,

Writing a report or summarizing problems and making recommendation

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