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We advocate and believe in quality to pave a path towards becoming a world-class educational institution.

We focus on building trustworthiness and professionalism to ensure high quality student welfare practices and standards as well as enhanced business and academic excellence.

We strive to achieve the highest standards in education and training delivery using qualified lecturers and trainers, well-designed materials, suitable tools and a conducive learning environment.

Commitment to Provide Quality Training & Education

  • Academic board​

Exerceo Business International College’s Academic Board Members are an elected body that consists of distinguished personalities from the industries the management of the school. As the Board advising on all academic issues, its role is to guide EXERCEO Business International College’s Senior Management in the development and implementation of strategies for the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning.

To ensure that our courses and programmes are of high standard Courses and programmes will be designed and developed by the school’s Academic Department. All curriculum design and development will seek consultation with the Board of Academics. The approval of course curriculum will be made by the Board of Academics. Subsequently, course curriculum will be reviewed on a periodical basis for continual improvements by the Academic Department. Outcomes and recommendations of the review will be approved by the Board of Academics before implementation.

Curriculum planning will also be performed by the school’s Academic Department following a curriculum planning process set. Plans will be approved by the Board of Academics. The school will critically evaluate its teaching and learning processes to bring about innovation in curriculum planning.

To ensure optimum curriculum delivery, the teaching methodologies and lecturer choice will be scrutinised and approved by the Board of Academic. The college will use data collected such as student feedback, teacher’s post-course survey and students’ results to review and improve on existing course delivery models.

We ensure that our teaching staff are highly-qualified and experienced.

  • Teaching Staff

EXERCEO Business International College’s  courses are conducted by professionals with practical experience and credible academic qualifications.

To lecture in our diploma programmes, lecturing staff should possess:

  • A bachelor/master’s degree in the relevant field with 3 years of relevant working experience; or

  • A diploma in the relevant field with 5 years of relevant working experience: or

  • A higher qualification in a different field with 5 years of relevant working experience;

  • Managerial working experience in the related industries is preferred;

  • Experience in lecturing similar programmes.

All teaching staff will also be evaluated on their performance at the end of each module. Only trainers and lecturers with good ratings would be considered for future appointments.

In order to ensure that our students receive good attention, the class size for the respective courses/programmes is kept to the following:

Certificate courses                                            1: 30

Diploma programmes                                       1: 30


  • Teaching Philosophy

Teaching staff with substantial industry and corporate exposure are hired for the teaching of relevant topics. This aims to inject the practical element into theories.

To encourage a more enriching and vivid learning environment, the following has been adopted:

  • Teaching staff are expected to diligently ensure that teaching and course materials are relevant and updated.

  • Teaching staff are expected to be versatile with their module delivery and adjust their teaching method to maintain high interest of students.

  • Teaching staff are entrusted with the responsibility to maximise students’ learning by incorporating a variety of class activities such as skills practices, class discussion, role play and encouraging students to participate actively.

  • Students are given the contact details of all teaching staff so that they can keep in close touch with trainers/lecturers throughout the course duration.

  • Commitment to Provide Quality Services Appointing professional and well-trained staff to serve our students

Our Student Affairs staff are properly trained and equipped with the right operational knowledge and customer service skills. Our service philosophy is to:

  • be courteous and professional at all times;

  • handle student enquiries promptly and accurately;

  • take reasonable steps to meet special needs;

  • keep our feedback channels user-friendly and open;

  • value customer feedback to improve our services.

  • investing in a well-equipped and conducive training centre Address

CPE  Registration Number:200918181G 
Valid: 31-8-2017 to 30-8-2021


EduTrust Cert No.EDU-3-3149

Validity:  26-11-2019 to 25-02-2021



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Student Affairs/General Enquiries:

Opening Hours:

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Closed on Saturday

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