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English Short Courese

Basic English

Help you improve your English conversation skills

This course through the actual teaching of teachers in the classroom, strengthen English conversation, pay attention to the practical application of English in real life to achieve the purpose of improving English. This course is not only fun and useful, it also greatly enhances the comprehensive ability of English listening, vocabulary, reading and speaking.

Recommended for the following students:

  • No confidence to speak in English

  • Difficulty in using accurate English, including pronunciation, grammar, etc.

  • Need to improve working or daily English conversation skills;

  • Want to improve English ability from all aspects;

Business English
Improve business English and strengthen communication skills with foreigners

Business English courses start from the life conversation, and then to the briefing, attend meetings, presided over the meeting, to talk with people, telephone communication, negotiation bargaining and all other business communication situations, allowing you to think in English or communicate with foreigners. We will integrate the business English required in the workplace to enhance your overall English strength through situational teaching.

Recommended for the following students:

  • No confidence to speak in English with colleagues or speak at a meeting;

  • Difficulty in using accurate English

  • Want to improve their fluency in English;

  • Expect to improve your business English skills in all aspects

Practical English class

Help English-based students improve their English

Intermediate courses through reading and writing, to help increase the vocabulary and grammar learning, more efficient and effective thinking and thinking ability to promote English. Our unique Reading Conversation Course can comprehensively enhance students' reading and speaking abilities. Teachers and students in the classroom can help to consolidate the knowledge gained through the book by exchanging, exploring and learning the essence of the book.

Recommended for the following students:

  • Hope to improve your vocabulary and grammar;

  • Want to improve people's own fluency in English;

  • Think of foreign and foreigners in the correct communication in English

  • I often meet foreigners or speak English

  • Like to communicate with others in English conversation.

IELTS course

IELTS Preparation Course

Our IELTS preparation course is an English course that is tailored to exams and academic performance. This course is for students with an IELTS score of 5.5 or above. In the form of unit course, we will analyze the different contents of the exam in detail and strive to provide students with the most effective and relevant knowledge points and examination skills.

IELTS classes are taught in small classes. We will train more on the strengths and weaknesses of each student.

Recommended for the following students:

  • Students who require IELTS / TOEIC Certificate for Foreign University Admission and Immigration

  • Students who want to systematically study high level English

  • Hope to have an internationally certified English certificate for better job prospects

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