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BTEC (Business & Technology Education Council) is short for the UK Business and Technology Education Council and is Edexcel's brand education product. In 1983 by the British Council for Business Education and Technology Education Committee merged. There are more than 400 colleges and universities in the UK to open BTEC courses. There are more than 7,000 centers in more than 120 countries around the world to implement BTEC's successful courses, teaching and training modes.

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Development History

BTEC (Commerce and Technology Education Committee) was merged in 1986 by the BEC (Business Education Commission) and the TEC (Technology and Education Commission). In 1996, BTEC merged with the London Examination and Evaluation Commission (ULEAC). The London Examinations and Assessment Commission dates back to 1838 and has a history of more than 160 years. It is tied with Cambridge and Oxford as the three major UK exams and assessment agencies. After the merger with the London Examinations and Assessment Board, BTEC became the UK's largest exam certification body, the Edexcel Board of Education.


Country coverage

At present, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, China, the United States, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, Ireland, Japan, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Hungary, Argentina, Belgium, Iceland, Bulgaria, Myanmar, More than 100 countries such as Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Mexico, Poland, Kuwait, Portugal and Turkey are running BTEC courses.

Ability training

1, training objectives and requirements

BTEC HND gives students the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to succeed or to pursue an undergraduate degree in their current or future career. These flexible skills enable students to cope with a changing environment, whether that change is due to changes in one's career environment or changes due to promotion to management positions. This course can meet the major needs of relevant professional activities and can support the development of students' occupations by being recognized by other relevant professional institutions.

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2, professional training objectives

Provide educational support for specialized management

Provide direct and relevant professional learning for occupations where students are engaged in or are going to work on;

Enable students to get employed quickly

Provide flexibility, knowledge, skills and motivation for future study and career development;

Cultivate students' professional abilities by effectively using and combining the knowledge and skills learned in different aspects of the course;

Develop the skills, personal qualities and attitudes necessary for career success.

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3, the overall quality of training objectives

Enable students to have the following seven areas of common ability:

Management and development of self-ability;

Communication skills;

Communication skills

Management project to complete the task and problem solving ability;

Use of digital technology skills;

Use equipment and software capabilities

Innovation and design capabilities.

Quality assurance

To ensure that BTEC courses meet uniform standards around the world, BTEC has a system that guarantees teaching quality.

  • BTEC has unified requirements for teaching activities;

  • Center of teaching activities in accordance with the provisions of BTEC strictly enforced;

  • Teachers through rigorous selection and training, and has a regular training system;

  • The establishment of internal auditors, in strict accordance with the internal audit system to review the teaching activities;

  • BTEC headquarters on a regular basis outside the professional audit;

  • BTEC system has a smooth channel of information feedback;

  • Students may at any time by written, oral, direct, indirect and other ways to reflect the problems at teaching levels;

  • Students occupy an extremely important position in teaching evaluation.

CPE  Registration Number:200918181G 
Valid: 31-8-2017 to 30-8-2021


EduTrust Cert No.EDU-3-3149

Validity:  26-11-2019 to 25-02-2021



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