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Certificate in English Language (Beginner)

A.   Title of Course


Certificate in English Language (Beginner)


B.    Overview


The Certificate in English Language (Beginner) course is designed to equip learners with the foundation in the learning of English Language covering the language skills such as reading, speaking , listening and writing. The course will enhance learners ability to communicate better under different situations.

Upon successful completion of the course, learners will be awarded ‘Certificate in English Language (Beginner)’ by Exerceo Business International College.


C.   Objective


At the end of the course, learners are expected to have develop some of the basic linguistic skills, and be able to read or write some very short sentences and follow some short written sign-boards.


D.   Course Structure


a.     Course Outline


         The course consists of 1 module covering the following lessons:

  1. Self Introduction

  2. Hotel Service and Reservation

  3. International Culture Introduction

  4. Personal Social Media

  5. Working Life Conversation

  6. Free time talk

  7. Movies Introduction

  8. Holidays Introduction

  9. Questions

  10. Special Event

  11. Telephone

  12. Airport conversation


b.     Scope of Study


Vocabulary and Grammer

c.     Delivery Mode


Classroom Lessons


d.     Commencement Dates / Intakes


Please click to view intake dates


e.     Course Duration



The course duration is 6 months of institutional training

Maximum allowable period to complete the course is 12 months from date of course commencement



f.     Class Period



        3 contact hrs per session, 2 sessions per week

6 contact hrs per week


g.      Course Fees


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h.     Payment Mode


Click to view details on payment mode

For further information or clarification, please call our Student Support   

Services Officer at +65 6221 0603


i.     Assessments


Examination at the end of course


j.      Assessment Methods


Class Participation

Written Examination

Reading, Speaking (Oral Quiz)

Listening Quiz

k.     Assessment Grading Criteria


Class Participation: 5%

Written Examination: 50%

Reading, Speaking (Oral Quiz): 25%

Listening Quiz: 20%


l.      Expected Examination Results Release Date


Assessment results shall be released within 3 months upon completion of the last assessment.


m.    Qualification Award


Certificate in English Language (Beginner) awarded by Exerceo Business International College


n.    Graduation Requirements


Pass all assignments


o.    Teacher Qualifications


The Committee for Private Education (CPE) is duly notified on all teachers in Exerceo Business International College.  All teachers have the required qualifications. Please refer to Our Teachers list in the website for more details.

Average Teacher-Student Ratio is 1:30

Please note that the maximum number of students in the classroom is subjected to the maximum allowable seating capacity  

p.     Progression Pathway


Certificate in English Language (Beginner)                     Diploma course offered by Exerceo 

Business International College


 E.   Entry Requirements


Age:   16 years old and above


Academic:   Completed Lower Secondary (Sec 2) or equivalent


Language Proficiency:   Taken English as a subject at primary school or equivalent

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