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This course is designed for adults without or with basic knowledge of the use of English. Through enhancing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, students can communicate in English according to the different situation. If students’ test results are satisfactory, they will be awarded a Exerceo Business International College Certificate in English Language (Beginner).


At this level, learners are expected to have developed some of the basic linguistic skills, also be able to read or write some very short sentences and follow some short written sign boards.


Course Content

This course includes the following 12 modules:

  1. Self introduction

  2. Hotel service and reservation

  3. International culture  introduction

  4. Personal social media

  5. Working life conversation

  6. Free time talk

  7. Movies introduction

  8. Holidays introduction

  9. Questions

  10. Special Event

  11. Telephone and Airport conversation

Certificate in English Language (Beginner)

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