CPE  Registration Number: 200918181G 
Valid for 4 years from 31 August 2017 to 30 August 2021


EduTrust Cert No.EDU-3-3149

EduTrust Award Validity Period 26-11-2018 to 25-11-2019



47 Beach Rd, Kheng Chiu Building, #04-00,

Singapore 189683

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MS Sunny (尚老师)                94564243

MS 小钰老师                             92366153

Ms Hester(黄老师)              81077219

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​Mr Dean (张老师)                  85027360

MS TIAN HUI(田老师)         91540003


Course entry requirement(s)
  1. Age 18 years and above;

  2. The language proficiency of C6 for Chinese however or equivalent;

  3. Diploma graduates.

This qualification is appropriate for employees in the construction and the built environment sector working across a broad range of areas. It is designed to assess occupational competence in the workplace where learners are required to demonstrate skills and knowledge to a level required in the construction industry. The qualification contributes to the development of skilled labour in the sector. Earning whilst learning is clearly a phrase that is appropriate to the Higher Level Apprenticeships, with learning at college and in the workplace. Being a member of a team, or learning to use initiative in Real-life situations will be part of the personal and professional development associated with the programme. This qualification allows learners to demonstrate competence in construction management (sustainability) at a level required by the construction and the built environment industry. Learners can progress across the level and size of the construction and the built environment competence and knowledge qualifications and to other occupational areas such as team leading and management.