Module synopses:

1. Human Resource Management

Human resource management is a newly emerged applying subject. The main content in this course for the 3-years college student are covered with Human resource management introduction, planning, analysis, recruitment and employment, performance management, compensation management, training, career development, labor relationship and Human resource management in a cross-culture environment, etc. After learning, students should grasp the basic theory and method of human resource management, and know the common procedure of human resource management in companies.

2. International Marketing

Based on the current world economic development and oriented by international market, this course introduces the basic theory and explores the problems of international marketing. The main content in this course includes five parts, that is 1) introduction of the international marketing; 2) analysis of international marketing environment; 3) international marketing strategy; 4) international marketing combinatorial strategy; and 5) international marketing organizing and controlling. Through learning this course, students should grasp the concepts and theories of international marketing, and know some of the methods and skills of international marketing.

3. Business Communication

This module has been developed to promote an understanding of  key concepts of business communication as it applies to today’s organizations. Students will be exposed to the different frameworks of studying and understanding foundation of business communication and apply three step writing process for crafting brief message for reporting and oral presentation.

4. Management of Corporate Strategy

This course explains the concept and theory of corporate strategy management. Its main content includes the essence of the corporation strategy, the analysis of the corporation strategy, the selection of the corporation strategy and the implementing of the corporation. After learning this course, students should understand the essence of the corporation strategy, grasp the analytic skills on environment, resource and strategy, as well as know how to make a selection among corporate strategies and how to carry the corporate strategy into execution.

5. International Economics

International Economics is the economics that researches the collocation optimization of scarce resources in the whole world. It mainly includes the microcosmic part which mostly illustrates the basement and police of international trade including trade theory, trade policy and practice, international production elements flow and so on; the macrocosmic part which mostly discusses international finance issues including foreign exchange theory and policy, international income and expenses theory and policy, international currency system etc. compared with international trade, international finance and international business, international economics pays more.

6. Logistics Management

The course covers internal logistics management, purchase and supply logistics, the essential principle of productive logistics and its planning and controlling, inventory management, sales logistics, callback logistics, production packaging and its containerization and internationalism, load and move, logistics information system, logistic outsourcing, e-business and modern logistics, the modernization of internal logistics, etc.

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