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Post-graduate Certificate in Management and Leadership

Unit 1: Organizational Behaviour

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding the roles of organizational culture, office politics and power on the behaviour of others in an organisational context. Students will be given opportunities to learn and apply the theories of organizational behaviour to specific business situations.


Unit 2: Marketing Principles

This unit has a broad coverage which gives learners opportunities to apply the key principles of marketing. This unit provides leads to the learning of analyzing the needs of organizations in marketing orientation , and the relevant marketing process, carrying out of environmental analysis at both macro and micro levels. The unit looks at the key elements of both the original and the marketing mixes relating to extended needs of customers, and for targeting groups. This includes considering the need differences when marketing services as opposed to products.


Unit 3: Business Decision Making

This unit gives learners an opportunity to examine a variety of usefulness of information sources and develop understanding and skills in relation to four aspects of information: data gathering, data storage, and the tools available to create and present useful information. Learners will gain an appreciation of the role of information systems currently needed at different levels in an organisation in facilitating decision making, for business functions.


Unit 4: Project Mini Case - Research Methods For Strategic Managers (4,000 words) 

This unit is designed to introduce learners to the techniques and methods required to carry out formal research. The unit addresses a variety of research methodologies and select specific ones for application in their case.

Learners will be required to propose a unique research question related to an area of professional business practice that interests them and will benefit their professional development. They will carry out a literature review on the topic, critically evaluating its relevance to their research question.

Learners will develop understanding of the techniques, both quantitative and qualitative, used in research to analyse data. They will select an appropriate research methodology for their question, and record and present their findings. Tutor approval should be sought before learners begin their research and their final report should be presented in a format agreed by the tutor.

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