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Module synopses

Building Control Procedures and Legislation

The aim of this unit is to enable learner to develop their understanding of the principles of building control systems and their knowledge of the statutory regulations and procedures for enforcing building control regulations.


Construction Methods and Design Solutions

The aim of this unit is to provide learners with an opportunity to develop understanding and skills to research current construction issues, modern methods of construction, and analyze information to present the chosen design solution.


Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ skills of independent enquiry by undertaking a sustained investigation of direct relevance to their vocational, academic and professional development.


Construction Management

The aim of this unit is to develop the understanding and skills required for construction project management. The learner will gain a systematic understanding of key production processes and the resource demands of a complex construction project. The unit also introduces simulation and modelling techniques that support decision making for complex construction projects.


Construction Financial Management

The aim of this unit is to give learners an understanding of the methods used to determine the price of a proposed construction project. Learners will calculate realistic cost estimates and evaluate relevant commercial factors in order to produce a tender submission. Learners will understand and apply the processes needed for the successful financial management of a construction project through managing and controlling income and expenditure.


Critical Evaluation Management

This unit enables learners to understand the significance of critical evaluation management for the identification and management of a variety of risks during contracting, procurement and construction phases. Learners will develop skills to manage risks and disputes in a project environment using recognized tools and techniques and evaluate the completed project.


Project Management for Construction and The Built Environment

This unit enables learners to demonstrate their understanding of project management and the role of project managers. Learners will have the opportunity to understand how the client’s objectives affect the project and how these objectives can be achieved through successful project management. Learners will also understand the different types of project management and how they impact on and add value to construction project.

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