Total No. of Months: 6

Total Course Hours: 144

Total No. of Days Per Week: 2

Total No. of Hours Per Day: 3

The intake is every 5 weeks.


Student-Teacher Ration


Teacher Selection Criteria

  • Degree holders or relevant teaching experience

  • Relevant Degree and/or working experience

  • Preferably with teaching experience


Teaching Resources (Facilities & Equipment)

  • Server

  • Wireless connection

  • Internet connection

  • Notebooks computers

  • Printers

  • Library

  • DVD/VCD player

  • Overhead Projectors

  • Microphones


Teaching Methods

  • Lectures

  • Tutorials

  • Discussion

  • Team Work

  • Field Trips

  • Real Life Experience

  • Presentation

  • Role Play etc.

Assessment Methods
The assessment for each module may vary with a combination of assessment types to guage the student appropriately on the knowledge acquired for the module. Exerceo’s Assessment Policy suggests the variety of assessment types such as presentation, class test, role play, report, case analysis, journal and examination. The weighting of the selected assessment types may also vary as deem appropriate academically.

No Examination


Number of Assessments

At least 1 major assessment or at least 3 mini assessments per unit.


Assessment Mode

  • Test

  • Quiz

  • Assignment (Individual Unit Assignment or Integrated Assignment involving more than 1 unit)

  • Class participation

  • Assessment Schedule

  • Between 2nd to last week of each unit



Fail                                Less than 50 marks

Pass                               50 to 64

Merit                             65 to 79 marks

Distinction                    80 marks and above


Expected examination results release date
Results for each examination will be released in one month’s time after each exam as authorized by the Examination Board.


Scheduled holidays
There are no classes on public holidays.


Awarding Body
Exerceo Business International College

 Graduation Requirements
Candidates who successfully complete all 6 units of this programme will be given the internationally recognised Diploma in Financial Management(Mandarin) in Singapore, awarded by Exerceo Business International College.

Pearson LCCI Level 3 会计与簿记大专课程

CPE注册号: 200918181G 
Valid for 4 years from 31 August 2017 to 30 August 2021


EduTrust Cert No: EDU-3-3149

EduTrust Award Validity Period 26-11-2019 to 25-11-2020



47 Beach Rd, Kheng Chiu Building, #04-00,

Singapore 189683



MS Sunny (尚老师)                94564243

MS 小钰老师                             92366153

Ms Hester(黄老师)              81077219

Ms MIA                                      87809536

​Mr Dean (张老师)                  85027360

MS TIAN HUI(田老师)         91540003