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Course Transfer Policy

  • Exerceo allows students to transfer from a course X to another course Y within the college. This is treated as a withdrawal from course X (refund policy will apply) and a re-enrolment with Exerceo into course Y.

  • If the student is below 18 years of age, the parent or guardian’s approval for the transfer will be required.

  • A request to transfer to another course can be accepted if the student meets the admission requirements for the course he wants to transfer into, and there are  available places in that course.

  • For transfers, the service target is to complete the transfer process within 4 weeks for locally developed courses and within 8 weeks for courses collaborated with external partner.

  • Students are briefed on the Transfer Policy and procedure during pre-course counselling and also during orientation.  Full details of these policy is available on Exerceo’s website and in Exerceo’s student handbook. The Admin Manager checks that the policy and procedures are correctly reflected in the website and other relevant documents.  

  • During orientation, students are informed on the implications of the status of the student pass for international students requesting a transfer as follow:

  • if an international student transfers to another course, Exerceo would have to apply for a new student pass. They are warned that should ICA may reject the application for the new pass, the international student would have to return home.  

  • Pre-course Counselling shall be conducted to students for the new course.

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