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Contingency and Adverse Effects Policy


1 .Exerceo shall determine contingencies and adverse effects(nature and weather) that may affect learners in their              course of study at Exerceo.


2. Exerceo shall put in place an effective plan (including arrangements) to deal with such contingencies and adverse          effects.


3. Exerceo shall brief all staff to ensure they are aware of the contingencies arrangements so that their response is              consistent and effective.


4. Exerceo shall evaluate the contingency arrangements annually to:

    a. Ensure the appropriateness of arrangements remain relevance and effective; and

    b. Update the contingency arrangements, if required.


5. Exerceo shall notify the following affected stakeholders in an event of a disruption or changes to contingency                 arrangements:

    a. Management

    b. Staff

    c. External Education Partner(s)

    d. Students

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