Our Premises


Exerceo Business International College (Exerceo) is located at:

47 Beach Road, #4-00 Kheng Chiu Building, Singapore 189683


Exerceo is equipped with 4 fully-facilitated classrooms and a library with computer available for students to perform  research studies. In addition, students get free access to Wi-fi coverage across the college to connect to on-line learning resources and communication with friends and relatives overseas.


There are numerous amenities around and within walking distance from the college. These amenities provide food, stationary, leisure and many others.


Classroom Facilities


Classroom no.               Floor Area (sq.m)                    Maximun Capacity (no. of Pax)


Classroom 1                   64.40                               42

Classroom 2                   27.40                               17

Classroom 3                   24.10                               15

Classroom 4                   46.20                               30    

CPE  Registration Number: 200918181G 
Valid: 31-8-2017 to 30-8-2021


EduTrust Cert No.EDU-3-3149

Validity:  26-11-2019 to 25-11-2020



47 Beach Rd, Kheng Chiu Building, #04-00,

Singapore 189683

Student Affairs/General Enquiries:

​Businee Time:

Monday to Sunday 10am to 10pm
Closed on saturday

Contact us:

MS Sunny (尚老师)                94564243

MS 小钰老师                             92366153

Ms Hester(黄老师)              81077219            Mr Dean (张老师)                  85027360

MS TIAN HUI(田老师)         91540003