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Fees and Payment Modes

Exerceo is committed to the transparency and accuracy for all fees and charges.


Type of Course Fees​

a. Application fee

  • Application fee is non-refundable

b. Course Fee

  • Course fee is refundable and subject to Exerceo Business International College’s Refund Policy. 

c. Miscellaneous Fee

  • Miscellaneous fee paid will not be protected under the Fee Protection Scheme. Below are some examples of miscellaneous fees:



  1. All fees are listed  in the Standard PEI-Student Contract;

  2. All fees are inclusive of  7% GST; and in Singapore dollars only;

  3. Please check with the student centre for the latest published course and non-course fee schedules.


B.Payment Modes

Cash, NETS,Cheque, Telegraphic Transfer(TT) ,Grab Pay , Shopee Pay, Wechat Pay , Union Pay, Alipay and Pay now.

Payable to:   Exerceo Business International College Pte. Ltd.

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