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Post-graduate Diploma in Management and Leadership (Mandarin)

Course Introduction Course Aims & Objectives

This course is designed to develop learners with business knowledge and skills who are operational, business executives and those who aspire to develop themselves for supervisory and managerial careers in operation and business management or administration. The course goals and objectives for learners are to:

Develop understanding the required skills and practices and what is required for effectively managing operation and business in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), Adopt a theoretical as well as practical approach to develop skills for practices for managing business and operations and resolving tactical issues in their work environment.

Develop understanding of skills and practices what is required to be a competent and professional manager objectifying to lead and manage a team of employees and to deliver work objectives meeting enterprise outcomes. Adopt a theoretical and practical approach to lead and motivate teams to work and improve towards positive organizational culture for effective business execution and systematic processes.

Develop understanding the required skills in gathering and analysing strategic information for enabling an actively learning environment and effectively working out organizations’ strategic objectives.


Learning activities in this course include:

Learn through lectures and knowledge sharing among tutors and students in prevalent business knowledge and skills, Learn about the relevance of business operations and administration processes in a typical SME organizations, through case studies and evaluate practices for reflections in SME environment of running bursinesses in Asia context. Learners are encouraged to link learning to their working environment.

  • Learn through sharing of the best practices from local invited guests as requirement to effectively operate in business world in Asia.

  • Learn through class discussions and from various sources in analysing prevalent business situations and various scenario

  • Learn through working out and writing business plan

  • Learn through practice and own reflection, using adaptive skills to respond and steer businesses out of crisis in global disruptive situations,

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