Student Discipline Policy



1.All students shall familiarize themselves and adhere to the College’s policies and code of conduct (Student Handbook) that are applicable to them.


2.All student shall ensure that their behavior is at all times respectful of others and supportive of learning environment. Exerceo shall not tolerate the following behaviours/offences:

a.   dishonesty

b.   misconduct

c. disruption of the academic environment

d. vandalize and/or destruction of College property

e. fraud

f. misdemeanours or other offences against persons or things

g. failure to abide by the college’s regulations and policies

h. failure to respect the right of others


3.Student who violates any of the College policy or misbehave, as listed under clause 5.2 will be subject to disciplinary sanctions commensurate with the seriousness of the offence. Such disciplinary sanctions shall be in accordance with and as set out in the procedure ‘Student Conduct’ CC5.4.1a. following the below stated sequence.

  • 1st Counselling

  • 1st Warning Letter

  • 2nd & Final Warning Letter

  • Expelled from the school


However, the intervention action may vary depending on the seriousness of the offence. If there is a need, the College will turn to the authorities such as the police for assistance.

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