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The Student Centre is an integral part of Exerceo’s learning environment which complements our implicit educational experience. Our Student Centre provides services to enhance the quality of school life of students through taking charge of students’ welfare, needs and personal development. In addition, students can also look forward and participate in our experiential activities to enrich their learning journey.

Below is the list of student support services provided by our Student Centre:

  1. Student orientation programme;

  2. Pastoral counselling.

  3. Matriculation

  4. Re-enrolment

  5. Student’s Pass matters

  6. Student concierge

  7. Student Contract

  8. Course fees payment

  9. Fee Protection

  10. Course matters

  11. Transfer Policy

  12. Transfer Procedure

  13. Withdrawal Policy

  14. Withdrawal Procedure

  15. Deferment Policy

  16. Deferment Procedure

  17. Refund Policy

  18. Refund Procedure

  19. Student care & welfare

  20. Student enrichment activities

  21. Redress matters

  22. Career Advice 

  23. Medical Insurance

  24. Advice on accommodation and Cost of Living

  25. General Health Care Services in Singapore

Student Support Services

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